Katie Howes
Katie Howes, Carshalton local with a passion for a good brew– 19 July 2017 –

Carshalton has always been a friendly village, full of community spirt and history, beautiful parks and historic buildings. When you come to Dotty’s you get the full experience, tea, friendly service wonderful food, in the beautiful surroundings of Carshalton. Our village has experienced a lot over the years elephants in the ponds when the zoo came to town and even secret Tudor burials in our church. Dotty’s just fits right in with the atmosphere of Carshalton, although we’re new, we hope to create a friendly vintage environment.

Elephants in Carshalton – who’d a thought it?!


We have some fantastic neighbours along the high street such as Frank De Luso our amazing local hairdresser who many of our own staff members use themselfs. Calladoodles who sell the most incredible knickknacks and cards. Rhubarb and Bramble a traditional fruit, Veg and florist and several fantastic charity shops where we ourselves often pick up a bargain. We think charity shops are the best place to find a vintage tea pot and cup  and making one of our favourite  days to spend in Carshalton having luscious lunch at Dotty’s and an explore around the charity shop for our very own vintage tea time treat.

Grove Park is part of the Carshalton Conservation Area and has two distinct areas – an ornamental park near the ponds and a recreation ground to the east.

Although Carshalton is full of adult luxury and charm we do host one of largest and most child friendly parks in South London. With grove park just across the road a great day out with children is to pick up sandwich and ice-cream from Dotty’s and spend the day playing in the sun. Even if you don’t have Children Grove Park has a beautiful river running though the centre which makes for a scenic morning walk after delicious fresh breakfast from our lovely Dotty’s menu. A few of our favourite morning treats are pancakes with crispy bacon and lashings of maple syrup, Crispy farm house toast or creamy scrambled egg.


Once a year Carshalton hosts a massive carnival which incorporates local business and local people. The community come together to celebrate their village through local food, rides and displays. Carshalton has always been a family friendly place which is why we at Dotty’s love play host to families as well as young mums meeting with new babies and toddlers. As well as the annual carnival there are many other events Carshalton hosts though out the year such as CAOS Carshalton Artist’s Open Studio a map of local places and artist for one weekend where the trail can be visited with interactive stops along the way. Carshalton also provided many seasonal activity such as Christmas fairs and Easter egg hunts. Over all we couldn’t ask to be part of a more excepting and family oriented community who have so many creative, unusual and kind individuals who have helped us in so many different ways throughout our year. We hope to be able to offer you existing new windows and events throughout the next year and keep giving back to the community that we love.

Love Katie x