Lesley, Lover of all things vintage, can be found in an emporium near you!– 2 August 2017 –

My love of vintage has grown gradually from an initial few pieces to a full blown obsession!

I think that as a teenager I just wanted to look different from all the other girls! So I started going to jumble sales (much to my mothers horror!) I would be the first in line with all the older ladies and would happily rummage away to find that special dress or skirt to add to my wardrobe.

As my love of 40’s and 50’s music grew so did my fascination for the clothing! I have been an avid collector of mid-century memorabilia for years now.

It takes a huge amount of dedication and time to find a good piece of vintage these days, so many are buying it and it has become fashionable in the media, with famous faces wearing couture vintage.

My passion is Novelty print, I collect avidly from all over the world and the internet is a great forum for info and of course buying!!  Although you have to be careful when buying on the net as there are a lot of repro’s out there and not every seller is honest when describing the item, I’ve received items that smell mouldy and are full of moth holes!! You also have to be aware that vintage sizing is completely different to modern, I have dresses in my wardrobe that are a size 16 that fit me perfectly and I’m a size 10!

So really I would say that if you fancy a different style of clothing get out and about and see what you can find, charity shops are a good place to start, buy what you like and play around with different colours and styles, for true vintage I recommend Brick lane and Camden although they can be pricey !!

If you are not ready to go for clothing, a few key pieces of furniture and nic-nacs placed around the home can sit well with modern.

Hope to see you in a vintage emporium somewhere soon, or pop into Dotty’s Teahouse to check out some of our fab vintage finds in our Dotty’s Boutique

Love Lesley xxx