Rebecca, A London girl, loving tea, cake and anything Dotty– 18 September 2017 –

One of the most Popular Cakes At Dotty’s is a Victoria Sponge cake! Here we have a Q&A with Dotty Royalty, my amazingly fantastic Mum Jenny. Thanks Mum.

What are the origins of a Victoria Sponge?

Well it is so called because Queen Victoria had a slice with her afternoon tea, and it traditionally had rasberry Jam in the middle not Strawberry Jam.

A Victoria Sponge and a triple layer Victoria Sponge is the basis to most Birthday Cakes and also used for alot of Wedding Cakes, my daughter in law had a tower of them all in different flavours and different sizes covered in frosting with a sweeping of fresh fruit cascading down from the top to the bottom it looked and tasted amazing!!!

What is the secret to a well risen Victoria Sponge?

Firstly make sure you don’t over mix the ingredients, and don’t open the oven before 22mins of cooking time, by that time it has well risen and shouldn’t sink in the middle. I always cook mine at 175c or gas mark 4 for about 25mins and I always use the all in one method as it’s so quick and easy!

This cake is so popular in my house and Dottys and you can adapt it as you like by decorating the top with strawberry’s or raspberry’s or any other fruit of your choice. I also tend to slice some Strawberry’s and put them in the middle on top of the jam…which is yummy and my Grandchildren love to pull them out to eat first.

The recipe I always use is:

8oz Self Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
8oz Caster Sugar
8oz Stork Margarine
4 Free Range Eggs

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix for about 2mins
Pour into two 7inch tins and put on the middle shelf in your pre heated oven at 175c gas mark 4 for 25mins or until well risen & firm to the touch.
Leave to cool for 5mins then turn out onto a wire rack, once completely cooled sandwich together with your choice of jam & cream and either decorate the top or just sprinkle with Icing Sugar.

Bon Appite!!!
Jenny x