Rebecca, A London girl, loving tea, cake and anything Dotty– 1 November 2017 –

Planning a special event or party can seem like a daunting task. So whether it’s a big wedding for 300 or a small gathering for 30 we have put together our top 5 tips for organising the perfect event and making sure it is a great success!



Have a clear idea about how many people you are likely to invite and whether your numbers are appropriate for the ‘space’.

If you want to have large numbers is a small space consider suggesting drop in times so everyone doesn’t arrive in one go. Alternatively, if your event is going to be outdoors, consider where everyone will go if it rains.



If you are planning an event at home, consider space required for food preparation and / display. Canapes are particularly challenging if you have a limited surface to work on. Likewise, if you are planning a hot buffet think about your oven and hob space – planning is the key! Drinks can take up a lot of space in a fridge so chill them in advance and then transfer to ice filled containers or cool bags.


Organising the perfect event

Equipment and ‘hired help’

If you are catering for the event yourself make sure you have sufficient equipment well in advance of your event. In particular, you will most likely need serving dishes, plates and glassware. You could consider hiring these along with extra cutlery and table cloths etc and some companies offer a ‘return dirty’ service so there is no washing up required, bonus!
If you have got some helpers to serve food and drink make sure you ask them to arrive with plenty of time before the event so that you can brief them on your event and your expectations. Remember the idea is that they are there so that you can enjoy yourself!

Write a Time Plan

A time plan is a really useful tool to stay on top of things. Write a list of everything that needs to be ordered or arranged – flowers, helping hands, food, drinks, equipment, decorations. Assign days and check them off when they’re completed. The food, drink and home preparation will need a more detailed plan and it’s worth assigning times as well as days to these. Be realistic, it’s better to give yourself too much time. If reading through your time plan makes you feel unduly stressed, you may have taken on too much so look at ways you can simplify your choices. Providing a relaxed and fun event with a small selection of different but well cooked dishes is better than an overambitious spread which turns out to be hit and miss.

Get Your Invitations Out Early

Once you’ve settled on a date and venue, get your invitations sent out and ask for an RSVP. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the detail of your event that people tend to forget that what’s really important is that you have guests! So, whether it’s a good old fashioned invite through the post or via email and social media…let people know. The last thing you want is to be planning the perfect party that nobody can attend because they haven’t had enough time to organise child care for example and make sure you are clear about any dress codes ie black tie, smart casual or fancy dress.