Rebecca, A London girl, loving tea, cake and anything Dotty– 1 March 2018 –

As anyone who owns or works in a food business knows, it really is such hard work!

Long hours, weekends, paperwork, stock management, planning labour, relentless cleaning and that’s before you have even thought about serving any customers. So, when the food hygiene inspector pops in to pay a visit on a super busy Wednesday just after Christmas…you literally want the floor to swallow you! However, we happen to have a very supportive team at the London Borough of Sutton who were able to see past the mayhem unfolding as the food orders were backing up in the kitchen! They simply said please don’t worry, pretend we are not here (Ok that’s a bit hard to do!) but with a fantastic team around me we were able to make sure all of our customers tummies were full and the well-oiled machine kept on chugging as the inspector worked around us, checked all of our paperwork was in order and hey presto….a 5 star food hygiene certificate was issued!

It really was a fantastic feeling, knowing that all of our hard work had paid off! Ok, the hard work never stops but it was very gratifying all the same. Phew, must be time for a cuppa!

Rebecca x