A little bit about us...


Hi, my name is Rebecca.

I’m a London girl born and bred in Nottinghill and spent most of my preschool days’ clip clopping up and down Portello Road market where my dad had a stall. I think it’s safe to say that’s probably where my love of vintage and of course the whole buzz of interacting with customers came from and I certainly learnt a lot from the people around me. I definitely know a good faux fur coat or vintage Chanel handbag when I see one.  Fast forward 30 years, 2 children, a vintage street food van, and countless popup tearooms later and here I am doing what I love in the village that has been my home for last 10 years, beautiful Carshalton.

My long-suffering partner in business and in life is David. He puts up with a lot but if it wasn’t for him Dottys simply wouldn’t exist! Having led many successful businesses’ himself David always makes sure he keeps my feet firmly on floor whilst allowing me the freedom to be myself, even if I can be a little crazy at times!


Our little Dots are Isabella and Ava. Always on hand to fold napkins, first in line to try new ice cream flavours, eager to ‘test’ new cake flavours and generally strut around like they are in charge…well I guess one day they will be!

We hope you love Dottys as much as we do!

Love Rebecca x