Covid 19 Policy 

We are taking robust measures to ensure that the wellbeing of our guests and employees is of paramount importance during the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID- 19). We have been working hard to find a safe way to start serving from Dottys again in line with government advice. Here we have outlined our specific operational policy and detailed all the important areas we are now focusing on to ensure we reduce any risks involved with the spread of Covid-19. 

Staff Training
Key members of staff have now undertaken specific certificated Prevention of COVID-19 and Infection Prevention & Control courses.

Risk assessment and reporting ‹
Full risk assessments have been carried out in line with the government guidelines. These are regularly reviewed and the results are shared with all staff members. ‹ All guests will be booking their tables via the Dotty website and be asked their and their guests name and contact details at the time of  booking. Guests details will be confirmed on arrival.

In the event that there is a confirmed customer case of COVID-19 at Dottys within 14 days of their last visit, guests are asked to immediately alert us on david@dottysteahouse.co.uk / 07597 970208. 

Our staff health and hygiene ‹
All our team members will wash their hands with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds before and after their shift and a minimum of every 30 minutes during their shift. ‹ Daily monitoring of our staff health (questionnaire and temperature checks) will take place and they will need to report this before they start work. If they are unwell or someone in their household is tested positive, they will need to self-isolate for 7 days and only return to work when better. ‹ Currently, all staff are encouraged to travel to and from work by their own personal means of transport and avoid using public transport. 

Managing social distancing ‹
Dedicated members of staff will ensure distance between guests and staff is always kept and there is no overcrowding. ‹ Start and finish times for staff members will be staggered where possible and social distancing measures will be put in place in potentially congested areas behind the counters, inside the kitchens and back of house staff areas. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) ‹
All staff will wear a facemask and will be required to wear gloves and disposable aprons throughout their working shift. ‹ They will be disposed of and refreshed regularly throughout their shift. 

Hand sanitiser ‹
We have these placed throughout the building and are clearly labelled for all guests. ‹ Each customer eating will also be given a hand sanitiser pouch on ordering at the table. 

Capacity inside and out ‹
We will significantly reduce the number of guests allowed in the buildings at any time ‹ We have reduced the number of tables throughout the premises in order to ensure there is adequate distance between guests who are seated.

Cleaning procedures ‹
We have significantly increased our cleaning procedures throughout the premises and all areas are disinfected on a daily basis ‹ All communal tables, tops and surfaces will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray ‹ All high-contact items will be thoroughly cleaned every 30 minutes antiviral spray that is certified to be active against coronavirus. 

One-way system and high contact areas ‹
Where required floor marking and arrows are clearly displayed through the premises. ‹ Extra attention when cleaning and disinfecting will be paid to high contact items like door handles, handrails, PDQ machines. 

Toilets ‹
We will be operating a one-in, one-out system for the toilet. ‹ The queue system will be managed by our staff and queues will be clearly indicated and separated. ‹ Toilets will be cleaned and disinfected every one hour with particular attention being paid to high-contact items. 

Timings allocated per table ‹
In order to ensure thorough cleaning takes place between each set of guests, we have reduced the times allocated for each seating to 1.5 hours for up to four guests and 2 hours for more than 4 guests. 

Single-use items and table condiments ‹
There will be no condiments on any table to reduce any risk of possible contamination. ‹ All items have been converted to single use where possible (napkins and menus). ‹ All menus can still be viewed on-line and ordered from whilst inside our venue if necessary. ‹ Cutlery will be stored in a pouch and given once an order has been placed. ‹ Drinks will only be brought to the table once an order has been placed. ‹ All sauces, salt and pepper will be served in sachets and only when requested

Cloakroom facilities ‹
We will no longer be allowing guests to place their costs on the coat hooks provided. We ask guests to keep their belongings with them whilst inside our venues. 

Table service and online ordering ‹
We will continue to offer full table service in all areas throughout the venue. ‹ Staff members will only be allowed to carry two plates at a time to reduce any risk. ‹

Cashless payment ‹
We encourage all guests to pay by card only. ‹ Where this is not possible, guests are advised to leave cash on a supplied cash tray when paying so there is no contact involved with our staff members. ‹ We have nominated cash handlers who will always handle cash with clean gloves. 

Supplier deliveries ‹
A drop off and collection point at the rear and outside of the building has been nominated. This is an exterior area and delivery persons will not be allowed inside. 

Refuse and recycling ‹ Non-recyclable items will be sealed and disposed of in large refuse bins and collected on a  weekly basis. ‹ Any recyclable items will be handled with gloves when disposing into larger bins. 

All information contained in this document is subject to change as new Government Guidance continues to be released. This document will be updated at regular intervals.